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Genres: Thriller , Crime , Action
Actors: Michael Paul Chan , Rick Snyder , Patrick Malahide , Kate Nelligan , Irène Jacob , LaTanya Richardson , Tom Wood , Daniel Roebuck , Joe Pantoliano , Robert Downey Jr. , Wesley Snipes , Tommy Lee Jones , Johnny Lee Davenport , Donald Li , Marc Vann
Director: Stuart Baird
Country: United States
Year: 1998
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 (50959 votes)

When a prisoner transport plane carrying Deputy Sam Gerard as an escort crashes, one prisoner, Mark Sheridan helps him rescue some trapped prisoners and then escapes himself. Gerard and his crack team of U.S. Marshals start their pursuit, but the simple fugitive situation soon gets more complicated when Gerard learns that Sheridan is no mere criminal and the story behind his incrimination becomes more and more suspicious. At the same time, Mark Sheridan is out to find out the truth himself while keeping one step ahead of Gerard

Film Review

What do you do when you release a movie and the co-star's character makes just as much of an impact on viewers as the main actor? Obviously you find a way to exploit the situation by coming up with another project to put that actor and character into. That's exactly what producers of "The Fugitive" did with Tommy Lee Jones' law enforcer, Sam Gerard.You shift the focus from the fugitive and place it on the men put in charge of catching him. They didn't want to veer too far off the beaten path, so you still have to have an innocent man running for his life and he has to have some type of star power. When "U.S. Marshals" came out in 1998, Wesley Snipes was a hot commodity and seemed like the perfect choice to play the role of the sympathetic man on the lamb.As an action film, this gets the job done. It does its best to be as good as "The Fugitive" but not get stuck trying to one-up it or be better. There's the obvious attempt at maki…

"The Fugitive" (1993) supporting actor winner Tommy Lee Jones (as Samuel "Sam" Gerard) takes center stage in the first edition of this short-lived spin-off movie series. After catching some crooks while wearing a chicken suit in an unrelated bust, Mr. Jones is assigned to accompany captured Wesley Snipes (alias Mark Sheridan) and some mates on a plane. After a mishap, Mr. Snipes escapes. Jones and "U.S. Marshalls" Joe Pantoliano (as Cosmo Renfro), Daniel Roebuck (as Bobby Biggs) and Tom Wood (as Noah Newman) are joined by special agent Robert Downey Jr. (as John Royce). They go after fugitive Snipes as the plot twists and turns with Mr. Downey's tie colors. Somebody could still reverse that ambulance shot…****** U.S. Marshals (3/6/98) Stuart Baird ~ Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Wood

I have never seen The Fugitive which is the predecessor to this film, but what I saw in U.S. Marshals, I don't think The Fugitive could be any better. U.S. Marshals is the action/ thriller film and fan of the genre would drool over. The now Chief Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard is once again after an escaped fugitive. Mark Sheridan has escaped from a plane wreck and is on the run for a crime he did not commit and Gerard, with his team, is close behind. Sheridan must find a way to avoid the Marshals and find out who really committed the crime he has been framed for. The action is well placed coming in short spurts (except for maybe the plane wreck) and works exceptionally well with the story.The acting is exceptionally well done with Jones and Snipes giving some of there best performers in a long time. Tommy Lee Jones is quick thinking and likable in his role as Gerard and eventually works into be your favorite character. Snipes is only seen in short spirits until about the last 20 mi…


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