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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Romance
Actors: Mark Duplass , Katie Aselton , Rhett Wilkins , Julie Fischer , Larry Duplass , Bari Hyman , Gerald Finnegan , Henry Barendse , Cindy Duplass , David Parsons , Jose Manuel Alvarado , Daniel Gonzalez , Ora Aselton , Bill Leighton , Jim Whalen
Director: Jay Duplass
Country: United States
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 (2556 votes)

Josh and Emily are in a relationship, but he can be inattentive and unromantic and she can shift her focus from small things to emotional issues in a moment. He invites her to drive from New York City to somewhere in Virginia to pick up a chair that he’s bought on eBay for his father’s birthday. On the way, he stops at his brother Rhett’s, outside Philly, and invites him along. Josh tries to save money at a motel, has to negotiate with the seller of the chair and with an upholsterer, and faces tough questions from Emily. He calls her “Dude,” he’s moody, and it looks as if the relationship will end soon. Is there more than meets the eye here? How do people decide?

Film Review

Mark and Jay Duplass affirm themselves as a refreshingly honest voice of American Independent Cinema. The Puffy Chair strikes a precise contrast of comedy and romance, enlightenment and depressiveness, drama and tragedy.It portrays earnest representations of the roles of female and male contributions in a relationship and how the characters interact and respond when the dynamics of their relationship evolve and become tested. The characters feel real and the audience is involved within these character with the help of some slick camera work that seems to dance around the characters. It is a love story in its truest and most colloquial sense. After all we have many stories of love stories of which generally only one has a 'happy ending'. spoiler from here on in (kind of) so just be wary!The audience observes how the 2 main romantic characters obviously love each other and care for each other, but also how they just don't work for each other. The dialogue creatively share…

There was something about this film that really did it for me. Mark Duplass and Kathryn Aselton had great chemistry! The situations weren't over the top….They felt just right. This film was very human…and what I mean by that is there was a lot of really,real stuff in this little gem.This is a MUST see for all you indie film buffs out there! I think there is something for everyone in this one!…"Puffy Chair" felt like a tag along production…It felt like a film crew tagged along with a guy and his girlfriend and his brother while on a road trip and whatever happened…Happened. There were moments when I forgot I was watching a movie. It felt as though I was right there with them..I can also relate to a lot of what happened. I am looking forward to future Duplass films!!….

I watched this movie on a sleepy "nothing good is on, but I just don't feel like doing anything serious right now" afternoon during the Winter Holidays, but was in for a very nice surprise. It's a linear plot, yet, it's far from being predictable. But what I liked the most about this flick is its exquisite sense of humor; it probably also helped that to me Joshua's character was somewhat reminiscent to that of Peter Gibbons in my all-time favorite movie Office Space. In a general sense, this movie really reminded me of Before Sunset in terms of its overall charm and the natural nature 🙂 of acting. (Unfortunately I haven't seen Before Sunrise yet, so I can't really refer to that one in this comparison.) So to conclude, this movie was well-written, well-directed and very well-acted; it would be nice to see more indie masterpieces like this.


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