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Genres: Horror
Actors: Philip A. Gillis , Theresa Tilly , Betsy Baker , Richard DeManincor , Ellen Sandweiss , Bruce Campbell , Dorothy Tapert , Cheryl Guttridge , Barbara Carey , David Horton , Wendall Thomas , Don Long , Stu Smith , Kurt Rauf , Ted Raimi
Director: Sam Raimi
Country: United States
Year: 1981
IMDB Rating: 7.6/10 (79076 votes)

Five friends go up to a cabin in the woods, where they find unspeakable evil lurking in the forest. They find a tome called the Necronomicon and the taped translation of the text. Once the tape is played, the evil is released. One by one, the teens are possessed. With only one remaining, it is up to him to survive the night and battle the evil dead.

Film Review

You don't have to be some sort of massive horror nerd to know that The Evil Dead is quite an important film (although it probably helps). Originally called Book of the Dead (until that title was deemed 'too boring' by studio bosses) this spooky, shlock-horror shocker was director Sam Raimi's very first full length feature! Not only that, but it was one of the first of the 'splatter' type films of the eighties and gained infamy as one of the, um…'infamous' video nasties which burst onto the scene like a squishy wound due to the availability of home video players. It was made with a very low budget for this type of film, with a small spattering (or splattering) of cast and crew members, many of which taking responsibility for multiple jobs during production; star (and king of B-movies) Bruce Campbell was chief contact lens fitter during the shoot, for example. The film was released in 1981 and tells the story of five college friends spending …

THE EVIL DEAD sits right up there with other horror films such as the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. But though all three of these films are horror films, they couldn't be more different in plan of attack or in effect. NOTLD, a real gross-out when it first came out, seems somewhat tame in the shadow of movies like the SAW series. And BLAIR is sort of in a class by itself; it does things that no one ever attempted, and is nearly always not only successful, but brilliant.Which brings us to THE EVIL DEAD, the feature film debuts of both director Sam Raimi and his favorite star Bruce Campbell.The first time I saw this film was at a New Year's Eve party (of all things); we had had a bit to drink and consequently the six or seven of us that watched the movie found it hilarious. And this is oddly enough a valid response, but uniquely, the opposite is true. Because some time later, being home alone for the evening and with nothing in particular to do,…

If you are looking for a horror movie that scares you, leaves you with images 'till next morning, and even then causes you to wake at nights even years after watching, this is the movie for you. It is definitely disturbing, dark, hopeless, creepy, and everything a good horror movie is. That being said, it is a B-horror movie with a budget of less than 400,000 dollars. So the special effects are just good enough and the actors just convincing enough to sell it. The movie dances on today's line of ridiculously thrilling or hilarious with it's claymation. However, the story is original, thrilling, and sticks with you. Don't watch with the kids or grandparents.


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