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Genres: Drama , Romance , War
Actors: Barbara Stanwyck , Nils Asther , Toshia Mori , Walter Connolly , Gavin Gordon , Lucien Littlefield , Richard Loo , Helen Jerome Eddy , Emmett Corrigan
Director: Frank Capra
Country: United States
Year: 1933
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 (1700 votes)

The American missionary Megan Davis arrives in Shanghai during the Chinese Civil War to marry the missionary Dr. Robert Strife. However, Robert postpones their wedding to rescue some orphans in an orphanage in Chapei section that is burning in the middle of a battlefield. While returning to Shanghai with the children, they are separated in the crowd, Megan is hit in the head and knocked out, but is saved by General Yen and brought by train to his palace. As the days go by, the General’s mistress Mah-Li becomes close to Megan and when she is accused of betrayal for giving classified information to the enemies, Megan asks for her life. The cruel General Yen falls in love for the naive and pure Megan and accepts her request to spare the life of Mah-Li against the will of his financial advisor Jones. Meanwhile Megan feels attracted by the powerful and gentle General Yen, but resists to his flirtation. When Mah-Li betrays General Yen and destroys his empire, Megan realizes that to be able to do good works, one has to have wisdom and decides to stay with him while the General drinks his bitter last tea.

Film Review

American missionary Megan Davis (Barbara Stanwyck) is sent to China which is in the middle of a civil war. There she meets cold, evil General Yen (Swedish actor Nils Asther). He is attracted to her despite already being married. She rejects his advances but slowly becomes attracted to him too.This was not a big hit in its day (which is probably why it's mostly unknown today). Back then dealing with an interracial romance was pretty risky but today it comes across as pretty silly! Even though this is pre-Code it's not that explicit and they never push the envelope in terms of the romance. As a result this comes across as pretty muted and I'm still not sure WHAT was going through Stanwyck's mind at the end. Even worse Stanwyck is badly miscast. Really–her as a missionary???? Also Asther isn't even remotely believable as an Asian. Still I didn't hate the film. It was well-done with some beautiful settings (General Yen's palace is an eye-opener) and som…

This subtly & cleverly crafted movie seems near perfect in every way. There are no dull moments, I was never conscious of slow pace. The performances of the leads were perfect – Nils Asther's portrayal of the complex General Yen was faultless and appears effortless and natural. Every little detail & nuance has been considered and is there for a reason. Miss Stanwyck is very believable, as we have come to expect of her. We can feel for her and experience her mixed emotions. This is everything a love story should be, and not dated at all in its execution. It's a wonderfully enriching story, which leaves a deep impression like a full & rich short novel – I loved it. If romance is not your thing, don't bother yourself to watch, because that's what this is. 9.5 out of 10, for me.


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