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Genres: Drama , Thriller
Actors: Treat Williams , Jerry Orbach , Richard Foronjy , Don Billett , Kenny Marino , Carmine Caridi , Tony Page , Norman Parker , Paul Roebling , Bob Balaban , James Tolkan , Steve Inwood , Lindsay Crouse , Matthew Laurance , Tony Turco
Director: Sidney Lumet
Country: United States
Year: 1981
IMDB Rating: 7.5/10 (3280 votes)

New York City cop Daniel Ciello is involved in some questionable police practices. He is approached by internal affairs and in exchange for him potentially being let off the hook, he is instructed to begin to expose the inner workings of police corruption. Danny agrees as long as he does not have to turn in his partners but he soon learns that he cannot trust anyone and he must decide whose side he is on and who is on his.

Film Review

(Warning, Spoilers within) I haven't seen a movie about cops before or since this was made that is as great as this. This is probably Treat Williams best role. The bond that the policeman have in this movie is amazing. It is painful to watch some of the things happen, that happen. The other performances are great too. The late Jerry Orbach is great, as well as Carmine Caridi (an underrated actor), who plays a crooked detective. I found it to be an exciting and very tense and very sad film, as it showed all of the different characters. Between the cops and the prosecutors and the mobsters and the bail bondsmen and and the judges, drug dealers and the junkies, nobody seemed to be relaxed. Everybody is on edge, which makes them scary and dangerous to be around. Considering that the song "Love will keep us together", by Captain and Tennelle, is on the soundtrack was interesting to me. If you watch the film you will see what I mean. This film definitely needs to be talked ab…

The scales of justice drop and rise constantly in this outstanding performance by Treat Williams. By far his best interpretation to date.The difference between "Law On The Books" and "Law In Practice" is shown in Prince Of The City. Daniel Ciello's decision making process is a constant Russian roulette, as his destiny is a mystery until the end. Making a deal is the name of the game in this movie and Danny Ciello certainly gets the deal of his lifetime when the government decides to use the testimony on his and his partner's misconduct as collateral for the entire investigation.Daniel Ciello decides to do the right thing by ratting out himself and everyone else. A deep attempt to start again, to redeem himself. The law forgives Danny at the end however, the "unofficial" rules of life will show him the tab he'll have to pick up when, during a training class of rookies, Detective Stern asks "Are you THE Detective Ciello?" Kind of a pos…

Made in 1981, this movie might have been compelling at the time. Watching this in 2010 is a struggle. And I'm not some gamer who's concentration has been compromised by Much Music videos. This movie is tedious. There are endless lawyers, endless perps with similar sounding Italian names, endless talk of 'indictment', 'perjury', 'feds'…If you were born after 1975 and you make it through this movie you probably have what it takes to make it through law school. There are some action scenes but not a whole lot of suspense. Just a whole lot of dialogue – all done up in the slang of cops, robbers, and legalese… There are a couple of compelling scenes but within the entire timeframe of this movie there really isn't enough to say it was worth the experience. Go into this expecting a three hour episode of Law and Order without the reward of an entirely positive or negative ending.


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