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Genres: Crime , Drama
Actors: Rory Culkin , Ryan Kelley , Scott Mechlowicz , Trevor Morgan , Josh Peck , Carly Schroeder , Branden Williams , Raissa Fleming , Heath Lourwood , Ryan Peterson , Michael Fisher-Welsh , J.W. Crawford , Shelly Lipkin , Kaz Garas , Hagai Shaham
Director: Jacob Aaron Estes
Country: United States
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 (19464 votes)

When Sam Merrick is beaten up by local bully George Tooney, Sam’s older brother Rocky and his friends Clyde and Marty plan to pretend it’s Sam’s birthday to “invite” George on a boat trip in which they would dare him to strip naked, jump in the lake, and run home naked. But when Sam, his girlfriend Millie, Rocky, and Clyde see George as not much of a bad guy, they want to call off the plan, but Marty refuses. Will the plan go ahead as planned?

Film Review

I saw this film on my TV planner having never heard of it before. The guide description of it didn't do it any justice either, but I needed a film to watch on a day off.By the end of the film, I was speechless. It had immediately took a place in my heart as one of the greatest films I've seen. I was even more surprised when I found out how low of a budget they had!It worked on every level. It was amazing looking at it as a story point of view, and as a film analysis point of view.The Cinematography and colours were gorgeous. When studying it, I found some places where the Director had put in some powerful symbolism which made the experience that much more enjoyable. The soundtrack was beautiful. It fitted the movie perfectly, and I've never heard a cello being played so beautifully.One of the scenes in which George is talking into his camera alone (will not give spoilers) will stick in my mind for a long long time to come. I found it a very powerful scene, as well as ma…

Mean Creek (2004) *** 1/2 (out of 4) Five teens take a local bully out into the woods to teach him a lesson but things take a tragic turn. The great thing about message boards is you can read other people's opinions and check out a film you normally would have passed over. After all the praise this film got I checked it out and really enjoyed the thing. The only problem is some obvious things lifted from Stand By Me and Deliverance but on the whole this is a pretty incredible little gem. The story doesn't have any false steps and I was pleased with the ending. The film manages to be very funny and that mixes well with the more sad and depressing aspects.

Just a try to make a decent indie movie … this is what I would say about this film. Mean Creek has two constitutional parts that are divided by the main event in the movie. Both parts are artistic and dramatic, which is nicely different from the Hollywood stereotypes. Nice long shots and development of human characters rather than of an action are the best parts of this work. There is no good&bad guys model so typical for the US. However, while the first part of the movie has a decent plot and watchable film rhythm, the second one has none of that. Dilemmas and thoughts of the main heroes cannot be sufficient to make a movie plot. It is like painting a painting without colors – even a good idea won't help in that case. What this movie also misses is a more thorough character development. We do not really know anyone of the heroes and information on their mutual relations and conflicts is not enough to make a whole picture. For example, we know that one guy is the bullie, a…


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