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Genres: Action , Drama , Sport
Actors: Channing Tatum , Terrence Howard , Zulay Henao , Michael Rivera , Flaco Navaja , Peter Anthony Tambakis , Luis Guzmán , Anthony DeSando , Roger Guenveur Smith , Brian White , Ivan Martin , Danny Mastrogiorgio , Altagracia Guzman , Gabrielle Pelucco , Angelic Zambrana
Director: Dito Montiel
Country: United States
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 5.3/10 (17758 votes)

Shawn MacArthur, the kindhearted son of an Alabama wrestling coach, makes a grim living selling fake products on the streets in New York. After dealing with thieving punks, he’s discovered by bare-knuckle street-fight manager Harvey Boarden. He soon proves himself worthy and starts earning a small fortune, part of which he volunteers to spend on single mother Zulay Velez. Shawn doesn’t cheat, and just that seems a major problem, notably after the arrival of his Alabama high-school rival.

Film Review

The synopsis of the movie had me fooled; a man bare-knuckle fighting his way through New York's underworld. The movie itself, however, did not deliver on it's promise of fighting and action. If you want to see a film nearly devoid of both action and suspense, then this is the film for you.I am unable to put my finger on the thing that really killed this film for me. The shots of NY are actually quite good, but the fights look like they have been filmed by an epileptic during a seizure (unsurprisingly, this seems to have been done to camouflage the fact that nobody involved with the movie actually knew anything about fighting). Also, the movie is filled with strange non-sequiturs; like a young boy strolling into view, doing a salto up against a wall, and staring into the camera, breaking the fourth wall as he is walking out of view and out of the movie for ever.The fact that should get fighting/action/anythinghappeningatall-loving people everywhere to decide against this movi…

I can only conclude that the script for this film was only 3 pages long and basically consisted of phrases like "This guy tries to convince this other guy to fight" "this guy decides to fight" "They fight." all the dialogue had to be improvised by the actors and either they weren't good at improvising or the director wasn't paying attention so they just kept talking and talking and talking and they had to edit together the most coherent dialogue possible. There are only 3 or 4 fights in the film. The first fight lasts a total of I believe 30 seconds before the opponent travels head-first into a water fountain. The second fight gets broken up before it even starts, the third fight (if there was one) I don't even remember. The last fight was the only one that was moderately decent.Been a while since I watched this movie so I can't elaborate too much, but forgettable fights, characters you don't care about, awful dialogue. I'd s…

I watched this one a while ago, when it came out on video. Not even sure if this pile made it to Theaters. It really upset me though. That they put Terrence Howard in such a crap film. Because I like Howard, personally. And it seems like anything Channing touches turns to crap. But it's really not his fault, he just needs to find a new line of work.So Fighting. To really break it down to you, let's say your 3rd grade English teacher gave you a writing assignment with the following elements you needed to include. First: A film that can be accomplished by a crap-shoot actor like Tatum. Second: A film that makes professional fighting look stupid, skilless, and overall a washout. And finally: Make the main character the worst fighter ever, but still victorious in every struggle.That's the film. Your child probably wrote it. But his version was better.Tatum plays his usual character. A no talent, brainless wanna-be thug who turns whatever tricks to get by. He frequents the m…


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