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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama
Actors: Clint Eastwood , Lee J. Cobb , Susan Clark , Tisha Sterling , Don Stroud , Betty Field , Tom Tully , Melodie Johnson , James Edwards , Rudy Diaz , David Doyle , Louis Zorich , Meg Myles , Marjorie Bennett , Seymour Cassel
Director: Don Siegel
Country: United States
Year: 1968
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 (7642 votes)

Coogan, an Arizona cop, is sent to New York to collect a prisoner. Everyone in New York assumes Coogan is from Texas, much to his annoyance. To add to Coogan’s problems the prisoner isn’t ready, so he decides to cut a few corners. In the process the prisoner escapes, and Coogan is ordered home. Too proud to return home empty handed, Coogan sets out into the big city to recapture his prisoner.

Film Review

A fish-out-of-water comic action film in which Eastwood's cop cowboy is sent to New York to track down an escaped criminal. Once there, his Stetson-wearing character causes chaos in the local police department, while taking time out to romance a beautiful flame-haired woman.COOGAN'S BLUFF is very much a slight and lightweight piece of filmmaking that can't hold a candle to the star's more serious police thrillers and westerns. That's not to say it's unwatchable, though; in fact it's fairly appealing, trading in on the star's youthful charm and giving him more of a chance to experiment with comedy than he usually gets. As the film progresses, he finds himself caught up in the era's counter-culture movement with some memorable results.Don Siegel shot the film, so it looks great. There isn't a great deal of action, but it does close off with a rousing motorbike chase which is one of the most inventive I've seen on film; playing thing…

in this film Clint Eastwood plays the title character,an Arizona cop who plays by his own rules.sounds familiar,doesn't it?it's basically Dirty Harry before Dirty Harry,although not quite as aggressive or violent.the Dirty Harry template is definitely there though.anyway,Coogan disobeys his superiors once to often ,and gets assigned a job he doesn't want.from there things go from bad to worse,as the job turns out to be more than just boring and routine.i liked the movie for the most part.there were a few slow parts,but not enough kill the movie.the acting was aces by all.i especially like Susan Clark (TV's Webster)and Lee J. Cobb.Don Siegel directed(and produced) the film,his first collaboration with Eastwood.all in all,i liked the film and would recommend it.for me,Coogan's Bluff is a 6/10

While Dirty Harry watches over the streets of San Francisco, Coogan watches over Texas…I mean Arizona.Clint Eastwood plays Coogan, a man who is sent to New York to bring back prisoner James Ringerman (Don Stroud) to Arizona, his jurisdiction (although many assume at first he is from Texas due to the fact he nearly dresses like a cowboy). However, after confronting Lt. McElroy, Coogan finds out that he can't just take Ringerman as is, that he must go through a long process. Coogan, being a no-nonsense cop with his own rules, decides to make his own way to get Ringerman. Along the way he must get through Linny (James' girl; played by Susan Clark), Julie (Linny's probation officer; played by Tisha Sterling), Pushie (Ringerman's buddy; played by David Doyle), McElroy, and even Ringerman's mom (played by Betty Field).There were numerous chase/fight/confrontation scenes, however even with all that and Clint Eastwood and the expert directing of Don Siegel, the movi…


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