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Genres: Comedy , Horror
Actors: Austin Basis , Jane Edith Wilson , Al Vicente , Suzy Nakamura , John Solomon , Grace Lee , Andrew Amondson , Amy Higgins , Kevin Michael Walsh , Jose Solomon , Paul Eiding , Philip Newby , Finneus Egan , Roger Ainslie , Ossie Mair
Director: Grace Lee
Country: United States, Korea, Republic of
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 5.0/10 (702 votes)

Pic documents the daily lives of a small community of the living deceased who make their home in Los Angeles.

Film Review

The craftsmanship is topnotch, the performances solid, the writing sound. There are some astute observations here and there about life after death- and life before death. Like the risen dead in THEY CAME BACK, the undead in American ZOMBIE aren't just mindless, flesh-eating zombies (not that there's anything wrong with mindless, flesh-eating zombies) (check out my black and white comic, CAPE FEAR COMICS, available from comiXpress, which is dedicated to George A. Romero himself, and you'll see whereof I speak). The socio-political ramifications of the dead rising from their graves is explored (sometimes hilariously, sometimes more sublimely), but it's the superb film-making that makes this one worthy of a nice, long look.

Might I start out by saying I will watch almost any zombie movie on repeat regardless of 'corny-ness', 'hokeyness', or gore. This is not a zombie movie. If the title were renamed "american leper who eats raw steak" you would need to change less than 3 lines in the movie. The movie starts out hopefully enough with the cast wanting to make a documentary about zombies in LA. They develop the undead were all killed violently, and no longer remember their past lives. They also find zombies all have some glowing blue goo that seems like it could get really interesting, and then never does. It is completely never explored. Never mentioned again after they encounter it. Random blue goo swept into the plot hole pile.Then they start developing there might be something sinister happening at a zombie party, but they cant get in as humans. This too seems like a chance for zombie dress up or a spy entry plot, but it doesn't. They get permission and go into a zombi…

The people who wrote all the previous reviews must be trying to sell the movie, because I don't see how any of them could have got what they say they got out of the movie. It is boring from start to finish and the characters are flaky and uninteresting! There's really no plot other than that they are making a documentary. Some elements they bring up in the film are so vague it makes you wonder why they put them in the film in the first place. It makes me think if the Lifetime channel made a zombie movie, this is what it would be. If you are a true zombie movie fan, then this movie isn't for you! Trust me, you'll be more entertained sitting in front of your TV for an hour and a half with it turned off!


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