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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Romance
Actors: Adam Goldberg , Julie Delpy , Daniel Brühl , Marie Pillet , Albert Delpy , Alexia Landeau , Adan Jodorowsky , Alexandre Nahon , Charlotte Maury-Sentier , Vanessa Seward , Thibault De Lussy , Chick Ortega , Patrick Chupin , Antar Boudache , Ludovic Berthillot
Director: Julie Delpy
Country: France, Germany
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (18997 votes)

2 Jours – 2 Days follows two days in the relationship of a New York based couple; a French photographer Marion and American interior designer Jack-as they attempt to re-infuse their relationship with romance by taking a vacation in Europe. Their trip to Venice didn’t really work out,–they both came down with gastroenteritis. They have higher hopes for Paris. But the combination of Marion’s overbearing non-English speaking parents’, flirtatious ex-boyfriends’, and Jack’s obsession with photographing every famous Parisian tombstone and conviction that French condoms are too small, only adds fuel to the fire. Will they be able to salvage their relationship? Will they ever have sex again? Or will they merely manage to perfect the art of arguing?

Film Review

I hope to god if I ever spend 2 days in Paris that my experience does not play out like this… You know, with more down's than up's in the romance department. Even though this film touches on the darker side of romance, it somehow still manages to be extremely entertaining in a French-Woody Allen kind of way. Some might not enjoy the word heavy comedy, but if you are a fan of independent film and have a deep appreciation for films that think out of the box then you should see '2 Days In Paris'. Near the end of a their journey through Europe, two seasoned lovers return to Paris before their return to New York. Marion, played by Julie Delpy, is actually from Paris so she and her lover Jack, brilliantly played by Adam Goldberg, shack up in the apartment above Marion's parents. While fighting his way through translation, Jack begins to be taken over by paranoia as Marion engages in suspicious and erratic behavior. Is she hiding something? Is it lover's jealo…

One of these days Adam Goldberg might win an award on his own instead of being a part of an ensemble cast. There has to be a need for a jealous, hopelessly neurotic nut like the one he played here. Although, I do like his clever way of reducing the taxi line and, after all, they did vote for Bush, so they deserved it.Julie Delpy is a favorite, and she is fantastically sweet here as Marion, although I cannot imagine how she puts up with Jack. Of course, she can really give it, too.The parents (her real parents), Marie Pillet and Albert Delpy, were simply adorable and stole every scene they were in.Even the taxi drivers were really funny.Delpy has written a really funny movie about love and relationships and family that was enjoyable to the end.

Julie Delpy is French, but studied film in the USA and resides in the USA. She wrote and directed this movie that she also stars in, but says the character she plays is not "her." However, it seems to be a lot like her. You come to that realization watching the various "making of" extras on the DVD.Here she is Marion, headed back to the USA with her American boyfriend of 2 years, and stops over in Paris on the way to see the parents, sister, and friends. Her boyfriend is Adam Goldberg as Jack, who appears to be OK with everything until she has some casual encounters with some of her old boyfriends, and they start to tell stories of how it used to be. Further, Jack sees some text messages on her phone (translated with difficulty) that makes him wonder if she really is committed to him. Marie Pillet is Anna, Marion's mother, and Albert Delpy is Jeannot, Marion's father. They are Delpy's parents in real life.My wife didn't like the movie at all. I rath…


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